The founders of Deka Lash are doubling down in the franchise business, creating a new parent company—Look Good Brands—and making their first acquisition, adding the five-unit Legends Boxing.

Mike Blair, co-founder of Deka Lash, the eyelash extension franchise with 60 studios open, is CEO of Look Good Brands and its headquarters will remain in Pittsburgh. He has built and sold two companies of his own in the past, one in software and one in finance, so he said he could speak the sellers’ language.

Andrew Scott, left, and Rob Scott are founders of Legends Boxing.

Brothers Rob and Andrew Scott are the founders and will remain with Legends Boxing, based in Salt Lake City. Rob Scott will keep the CEO role. Andrew Scott is a former Golden Gloves boxer, claiming the title of two-time state champion, and is the creator of the Legends Boxing workouts.

“I was very instrumental in helping Rob and Andrew along with this acquisition just because I’ve been on the other side of the coin. It’s a bittersweet thing, it’s their baby,” Blair said. “We’re looking to act as a partner alongside you.”

Jennifer Blair, Mike’s wife, remains chief experience officer at Deka Lash, with plans to name a new president of Deka Lash and add a chief marketing officer at the corporate level. Blair put together a group of private investors to make the acquisition, although he wouldn’t give details. He plans more acquisitions, over time, in the fitness and beauty niches. “Our mission is to really focus on building a portfolio of these types of emerging brands,”he said, while also retaining focus on the original.

“At Deka Lash we’re still very young and it’s important we keep our eye on the ball and we don’t lose any attention on our franchisees.”

Blair previously told Franchise Times he and Jennifer didn’t have any franchise experience in the beginning, but they were willing to take a risk. “I guess entrepreneurship has always been in my DNA,” he said.

Jennifer Blair, meanwhile, started an independent teeth-whitening business and then added eyelash extensions. “It was probably only a few months of doing the eyelashes that I realized it was much more of a repeat business than the teeth-whitening,” and Deka Lash was born, named after their two daughters, Demi and Karli.